About Bat Wings & Skeleton Keys

Since I was 18 I have struggled to get this whole blogging thing started. One would think that after nearly a decade, I would have moved on by now, but something keeps pulling me back to it. With every time I return, I change my mind about what I want this blog of mine to be, a “niche” I believe they call it. At first I wanted to talk about dark things, then I wanted to talk about fashion; I wanted to talk about history, but also movies; I wanted to talk about earthy, paganism, oh, but then there’s food, wonderful food. But every time I picked a specific niche I felt I was denying another half of myself. In the past year, I have decided to stop pitting all the different parts of who I am up against one another. Embrace this dark bohemian hybrid that I have always been. To date, I’m still not entirely sure I know what this blog is entirely about, though it seems to be a toss of this, a handful of that, and occasionally a passionate, borderline dissertation on whatever all this is. I don’t have a term for any of this yet. I think the most important thing, however, is that this blog is me. It’s not numbers, or SEOs, or a niche, or whatever other things professional bloggers like to insist are required to run one of these things. I write about what I am passionate about and that isn’t always very easily compacted into a nice and neat theme. So, if you don’t mind hanging around to see what comes of all this, I’m happy to have you.

Whether you’re an owlet, a batling, a mix of the two, or something in between, enjoy!