Benefits of Being a Solitary Witch

In the past week or so, I have had an epiphany. It’s been a slow building one, but an epiphany nonetheless. I’ve begun to realize, or I guess more embrace, the fact that, as a solitary witch, we are not as tied to conventional correspondences and ideas as those who are connected to a coven might be. I’m not saying you can go out and entirely reinvent the wheel, but rather that it’s important to know that correspondences aren’t exactly set in stone.

For example, though amethyst is considered “nature’s tranquilizer”, most sites source amethyst as a stone that helps with insomnia. Rarely is it listed in relation to anxiety or any other mental health disorders for that matter. Anxiety is generally reserved for aventurine, amazonite, or lepidolite. For me, however, amethyst is the first stone I reach for when I start to feel anxious. Why? This is going to sound weird, but it’s because amethyst is my mother’s favorite stone. Even just hearing the word amethyst makes me think of my mother. My mother also happens to be the first person I go to when my anxiety is overwhelming me. She doesn’t even have to say anything, just sitting next to her makes me feel calmer. Because of this, when I hold amethyst I feel that same calm and support that I feel when I am with my mother.

I’m sure those who don’t understand paganism will read that and think of it as simply wish fulfillment. And in a way, they’re not wrong. At its roots, paganism is simply taking the energies that the universe already provides for us and directing them to help us in our cause. Be it healing, searching, aiding, positive, or negative, we are utilizing those energies to create what we want out of the universe. Herbs, plants, and stones may have their own energies already connected to them, but part of that energy stems from our own. They are tools for focusing our personal intentions. So, when I hold amethyst, my mind goes to my mother, my energies move towards calm, and the amethyst focuses that calm, amplifies it even, echoing that calm back through me.

So if you’re looking for a correspondence for something and it doesn’t exactly match up with your understanding of the herb/plant/stone, know that you can fudge the rules a bit.

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