Fall in Texas

Over the past few months I’ve been amassing as many blog post ideas and lists that I can get my grubby little hands on. I’ve especially been trying to find monthly themed lists, primarily for August and September. I get stuck when it comes to these two months simply because it seems that for the rest of the nation this is when the first signs of fall start to appear. Every list and post that I come to is full of prompts for the fall season, talking about changing leaves and sweater weather.

Autumn by LaneyButler
In Texas, we don’t really have a fall. Well, I take that back, we do but not in the traditional sense. September down here is still hot, reaching 100° on average. This past week has been humid on top of being hot. Bleh! We don’t really get that quintessential chill in the air until late October, and even then what we consider a chill is about 70°, which I have learned is shorts weather for some Northerners.

mabon by cezare_me-d5fo6ek

I’ve always wanted to experience a “real” fall. One with pumpkins & leaves, comfy sweaters & cute boots. I want to go to a farmer’s market and not have to worry about getting my own personal farmer’s tan as a result (though that might happen anywhere I go). I want to experience that chill and change in the air. Maybe I will one day, but for now I’ll just have to enjoy a sort of contact high from the rest of the interwebs.

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