Flash Fiction // Prompt 9

Steampunk Girl II by LahmatTea on Deviant Art

Tell me about an adventure you would love to have – Prompt 9 from 365 Journal Writing Ideas

I am running down an alley way in the streets of London. I am chasing a man who is not far ahead of me. His black jacket whips in the air behind him as he runs. He shoves a stack of boxes to fall behind him as he continues down the alley. I leap over the obstruction without hesitation. He turns a corner and I follow to find myself face to face with a brick wall and the man no where in sight. I curse and study my surroundings.

Above me is an open window. I climb a nearby stack of crates and lower myself through the window. I jump down and land on a concrete floor in a relatively dark room. I hear a noise from the dark. I take a stun grenade from the small, leather satchel on my hip. The cobalt blue glass orb is the size of my palm and when I activate the trigger on the top it begins to glow. Slowly, I make my way toward the sound. I move step by step only slightly afraid of what might meet me in the dark.

I hear a loud crash somewhere to my left.

I turn and yell, “WHO’S THERE?”

Lights all around me flicker on loudly to reveal a room filled with Tesla coils and strange machines. A loud slow clapping rings through the air. I turn toward the sound to see a woman emerge from the shadows.

Photo by LahmatTea

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