Gothic Holiday Sweaters

I have to admit, that I never entirely understood the whole ugly Christmas sweater thing. I mean, I still don’t get it, but these are some sweaters that I would be willing to actually put on my body. All of these sweaters except for one are available from Middle of Beyond (not that I’m affiliated with them or anything—not that I would object to it or anything), a shop that has a dark sense of humor, and I love it! The Elvira one especially speaks to me on a very deep, spiritual level! Not that I’m dropping any strong hints to anyone who knows me personally, or anything like that. Now I just need to find me an ugly Christmas sweater party. Do people still have those? Are they even still a thing? Either way, let’s have our own with creepy, ugly sweaters, a black tree, and some bloody gingerbread men!






 This one even glows in the dark!

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