Halloween 2015 Wishlist

What witch or goth kid doesn’t relate to this meme? The instant I saw it on facebook I knew I had to include it here in this post. And the instant I saw a few other bloggers sharing their Halloween wishlists, I knew I had to make a post of my own.

Here’s where I could go on about how Halloween is my favorite holiday, but the truth is, I just really like black, skulls, and all things spooky. I also love Christmas, but that’s more because I’m a Texan who hates the heat, and Christmas here is like what I only dream autumn must be like up north. Nope, the real reason I love Halloween is because I’m a kid who was raised by a woman who has yet to meet a skull she didn’t like. Being my mother’s daughter, I also have yet to meet a skull that I didn’t like. My brother is the same way. In fact, when we were kids my parents had to come up with a date when we would be allowed to take out the Halloween decor. Luckily, my brother’s birthday is September 18th so choosing a date wasn’t that difficult.

Even as adults we stick to this ritual and two weeks ago I cheerily reminded my brother when I saw him the Saturday after his birthday, “Your birthday has passed, it’s officially Halloween!” In fact, my mother special ordered Halloween cookies for his birthday. Bats, pumpkins, and ghosts (did I mention he turned 25). Needless to say I don’t really house shop the rest of the year, so when stores begin selling bat and skull shaped everything I’m right there in line waiting to hand over every last penny that I can spare and my family usually aren’t too far behind.

Bat Doormat via Pier 1 Lace Vampire Wings via Spirit Halloween Metal Marquee Lighted Bat Sign via Big Lots

(via Pier 1, Spirit Halloween, Big Lots)

Antiqued Glass Skull via Pier 1 Black Skull Apothecary Jar via World Market LED Day of the Dead Lantern  via Pier 1

(via Pier 1, World Market, Pier 1)

Boxed Skull Ornaments via Pier 1 decorative Halloween Jar via Big Lots Glass Skull Bottle Decor via Big Lots

(via Pier 1 & Big Lots)

Jack-o-Lantern Windchime via World Market Ivory Red and Black Wooden Skeleton Wall Decor via World Market Ivory Red and Black Wood Skull Wall Decor via World Market

(via World Market)

Bright Wood Skull Wall Decor via World Market Bright Wood Skeleton Wall Decor via World Market Decorative Glass Pumpkin via Sur la Table

(via World Market & Sur la Table)

Pumpkin Ground Breaker via Spirit Halloween Skeleton Tealight via Pier 1 Spider Web Appetizer Plates via Sur la Table

(via Spirit Halloween, Pier 1, Sur la Table)

Wicked Welcome Wall Decor via Big Lots Skull Ceramic Measuring Spoons via World Market Bat Skirt via Spirit Halloween

(via Big Lots, World Market, Spirit Halloween)

Jack-o-Lantern Jacquard Towel via Sur la Table Spells Wall Sign via Big Lots Spider Jacquard Towel via Sur la Table

(via Sur la Table & Big Lots)

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