On Feminism

I am a feminist because decades before I was born women took a stand to better my future, not just as an American, but as a woman; because women throughout the world still think of themselves according to a man’s wants & “needs”; because I want my daughters to grow up with their heads held high knowing that their gender does not define them.

I am a feminist because I believe in a human race united by our shared makeup of bones, blood, & heart rather than our skin, gender, or culture. I believe that every human is created equal with the same human right to be happy, loved, & respected. I believe that their is no such thing as “gender binary”. Only people living their lives.

I am a feminist because, even though men & women are equal in vote, property, & money, the two are not equal in their right to live their own lives according to their own hearts & their own passions. Until we as a society can look at a man who is not “masculine” and a woman who is not “feminine” and see who they are rather than what they are not, a feminist’s work is not done. Until an act of sexual violence is seen not as the fault of the victim but the perpetrator, what ever the gender, a feminist’s work is not done. Until a woman’s sexuality is her own to be flaunted or hidden as she sees fit, a feminist’s work is not done. Until a man can stand up & take action against the abuse of his significant other without having to fear ridicule or questioning of his “masculinity”, a feminist’s work is not done.

I am a feminist not because I hate men or because I enjoy yelling into the wind, but because I believe a person is a person regardless of their gender and I believe every person deserves to be happy, loved, & respected, and until these things are no longer defined by gender, sexuality, or the ability to fit into some preconceived binary, my work is not done.

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