Sabbat Box Unboxing // Imbolc

Fancy Inside Box

I got my first Sabbat Box and I am so excited to share the contents with you guys today! I first heard of Sabbat Box on the blog Witchy Words about a year ago and have been waiting patiently ever since for the subscriptions to open back up. Then, low and behold, in December Sabbat Box opened up their subscriptions for a few weeks and I was just able to squeeze myself onto the list. Now, here we are, celebrating Imbolc and I finally have my first box!

For those who aren’t aware (or haven’t clicked the links in the previous paragraph by now), Sabbat Box is a subscription box, much like ipsy, Birch Box, or Loot Crate, that is geared toward pagans and wiccans. The boxes are shipped out before every sabbat and are full of items that will help you celebrate the turning of the wheel.

Before we get into the contents, I want to take a few seconds to talk about the outside of the box. I’ve gotten subscription boxes in the past that came with the name of the subscription plastered all over the outside of the box. Since I moved back in with my parents (which happens to be in South Central Texas, aka conservative land) shortly after thanksgiving last year, I was nervous about a box with “SABBAT BOX” and “a subscription box for wiccans and pagans” in large black print all over it showing up in the mailbox for my father and brother to see leading to the uncomfortable conversation that I’m not entirely ready for. I was absolutely relieved to discover the box was very discreet. “Sabbat Box” doesn’t show up anywhere, not even in the return address. So those of you who aren’t out of the broom closet just yet, or live in a generally conservative area, don’t worry, your secret is safe with Sabbat Box.

outside of box

Each box comes with an awesome and handy pamphlet that details not just all the items that are included in the box, but also information about the sabbat and a handy correspondence chart. The theme for Imbolc is “Nature’s Renewal”. Imbolc was historically observed by the Gaels halfway between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox, which is February 1st on the Gregorian calendar. Imbolc is sometimes referred to as Imbolg (the Old Irish form of the word), Brigid’s Day, and Candlemas. Traditionally, this cross quarter sabbat celebrated the Celtic goddess, Brigid, though overall the holiday today celebrates the movement from winter in to spring and the return of the sun. The elements associated with Imbolc are fire and air, and the symbols are Brigid’s cross, the sun, spirals, and corn dolls.

Open Box

Inside Box

Every Sabbat box comes with one of the books from Llewellyn’s new Sabbat Essentials series. I’ve read the Yule book in this series and I was honestly really impressed by it. I’ve gotten Llewellyn’s Almanacs in the past and I felt that not only was the information a bit thin, but it was also pretty wiccan heavy. These books are the absolute opposite. Each book is around 200 pages of information per sabbat. They go into historical traditions and how those traditions have changed over time. They include recipes, spells, even an awesome list of correspondences. The ritual section even includes different variations so the reader can tailor the rituals to fit their beliefs or number of participants. There are even examples for solitary practitioners. These are awesome books, especially if you’re still learning like myself.


The next item in this box is the Sun’s Eye Brigid Deity Ritual Oil. I don’t have a lot of experience with oils, but it’s on my list of pagan things to learn. According to the pamphlet, Brigid, much like Imbolc, represents transformation and new beginnings. Using this ritual oil, which is made with rowan berries, can help “banish what no longer serves you and to embrace what is to come.”

Oil1 Oil2

Next is the Lunar Renewal Tea from Cosmophilia Astrological Herbals. Like oils, I don’t know much about teas, but it’s something I would love to learn more about. The ingredients in this tea are milky oat tops, oat straw, raspberry leaf, jasmine blossoms, vanilla rooibos, and mugwort, which, according to the pamphlet, all aid with “renewal, cleansing, and purification”.

We also have the Palo Santo Wood also from Sun’s Eye. I haven’t used Palo Santo before, but I’ve heard great things about it. It comes from the Bursera Graveolens tree that grows in Central and South America. It is used for cleansing, purification, and protection. Unfortunately, my father and my brother are both sensitive to smells, so I can’t really burn any of this where I am, but I’ll save it for when I need to cleanse the new space I will eventually move into.

Tea Palo Santo

One can never have too may candles and here we have a pair of white purification tapers. Not only are candles fitting for the celebration of Candlemas, the color white is also symbolic of purification and fire is directly connected with the sun. These candles are a perfect representation for the returning of the sun and the renewal of the season.

Candles1 Candles2

Ah, stones, something I know! I’ve been itching to expand on my (minuscule) crystal collection for a while now, so I’m glad to see that a crystal was included. Clear Quartz, provided by the shop Azure Green, is known as the “universal stone”. There is a ton of lore connected with clear quartz from all different cultures, making it a rather significant stone. The clear quartz enhances “clarity, power, and peace”, while also acting as an amplifier for your other stones.


The final item in this sabbat’s box is an altar cloth. I didn’t have an altar cloth before receiving this box and I was so excited to pull this one out at the end. There are five different designs (you can see the rest at the Sabbat Box store). When you sign up for Sabbat Box they ask which symbol you prefer out of the typical pagan symbols: pentacle, triquetra, goddess, triple moon, or tree of life. Since the only thing I’m really 100% about in my personal path as of yet is that I believe in nature, the seasons, and the elements, I picked the tree of life. Even though this isn’t the tree of life, I’ve always loved greenman imagery so my heart raced a bit when I opened the cloth up and saw him smiling up at me. It’s HUGE, by the way. 36″ x 36″. I really can’t wait to have my own space again where I can safely keep an altar so I can leave this cloth out year round.

Altar Cloth

All Items

So, yeah! This is such an awesome box! Especially for pagans at the beginning of their path. The most beneficial part of this box is having someone who is experienced in their own craft delivering to you a collection of items to help build your craft. Unfortunately, their subscriptions are full as of writing this, but they have a waiting list that anyone can get on and they will let you know when spots open up. That’s how I finally got in on these boxes and I would absolutely suggest that you do the same if this is something you might be interested in.

Also, every sabbat Sabbat Box holds a “Super Sabbat Giveaway” on their site. To enter, you just need to make a video unboxing your Sabbat Box and submit to the giveaway. AND the winner gets a “Super Sabbat Box” for that sabbat that is filled with over $100 worth of items! It sounds amazing and maybe one day I will try and enter, but, for right now, I don’t really have a camera that has video recording capability that I’m comfortable with (not to mention, my brother is still job hunting and always home. I barely find the time to photograph my box without him knowing). One day, my dears, one day.

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