Sabbat Box Unboxing // Ostara

Another sabbat and another Sabbat Box in the mail. I loved last sabbat’s box and I was so excited to break into this one.

First, for those who don’t know, Sabbat Box is a subscription box, much like ipsy, Birch Box, or Loot Crate, that is geared toward pagans and wiccans. The boxes are shipped out before every sabbat and are full of items that will help you celebrate the turning of the wheel. The boxes are great for both new pagans and experienced witches alike. Plus, the box comes in a discreet and unmarked, so closet dwellers need not worry either.

Ostara is celebrated in conjunction with the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, the first day of spring. The Vernal Equinox was celebrated all over the ancient world. Basically, any culture smart enough to observe the stars and the seasons observed Vernal Equinox. Many European cultures include eggs in their Vernal Equinox and Easter celebrations, but it is most likely that most of our American and British Easter traditions come from the Germans, including Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. Ostara represents rebirth, growth, balance, and fertility.

Again, this box comes with a copy of Llewellyn’s new Sabbat Essentials series. Each book goes into historical traditions and how those traditions have changed over time. They include recipes, spells, and a huge list of correspondences. The ritual section includes different variations so the reader can tailor the rituals to fit their beliefs or number of participants, including examples for solitary practitioners. These are amazing books, especially if you’re still learning like myself.

The first two of the non-book items are both cleansing items. The first are Patchouli Incense Cones from HEM. These are actually my first incense cones, so that’ll be interesting to experiment with. Patchouli, according to the pamphlet, corresponds with prosperity, money, fertility, & lust, which are all great focuses for Ostara.

The next is a 3″ White Sage and Lavender Cleansing Stick from New Age Smudges & Herbs. While lavender has loads of correspondences, the ones that match the most with Ostara are healing, love, happiness, & purification. Combined with the sage, this stick “will lend another level of energy to your rites.”


In the trend of things that you burn, we also have a Beeswax Egg Candle from Sun Beam Candles. I actually think this is really cool, though I have a weird thing about burning shaped candles, which is to say my heart always breaks a little when I do it. I don’t need to go into the symbolic representation of eggs and their connection to Ostara, but, according to the pamphlet, Sun Beam Candles is a “green sustainable business” and is “completely run on solar/wind power.” How cool is that?

The next item is one I’m a bit hesitant about. The Prosperity Ritual Powder from The Sacred Well is something I’m not really sure what to do with. I don’t have any experience with ritual powders (I’m not even really one for elaborate rituals), but the pamphlet says that you can use it to dress candles, to sanctify your ritual space, as an offering to “the divine”, or as an incense.


Finally, we have this Nature Goddess Votive Candle Holder from Eclectic Artisans. Though I’ve never connected much with the goddess symbol, this is just stunning! It’s nice quality, as well. I love the little details that cover her and the greenery is just lovely.


As with the last box, the items included in this sabbat are amazing. Not only are they great quality, they’re things that I’ll actually use. Plus, the inclusion of the book and the pamphlet is something that I’m really impressed with and have been a huge help in learning more about the sabbats, as well as the ritual items that are included.

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