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Interesting Reads:

  • The Wildbride Retreat (this is at the top of my “when I’m not broke as shit” list)
  • The Spooky Vegan, Making Creepmas (aka Halloween in December!)
  • Mountain Man Traditional Healing, Day 210: The “Little People”
  • Beth Owl’s Daughter, It’s Time for the First Candle on Our Solstice Prayer Wheel
  • Mountain Man Traditional Healing, Day 212: Healing with Stumpwater
  • Girrl Scout, I Didn’t Go To College, So What?
  • Mountain Man Traditional Healing, Day 214: Rappahannock Folk Medicine
  • The Spooky Vegan, Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Goth Gifts for the Darkly Inclined
  • Mountain Man Traditional Healing, Day 215: Tincturing Workshop
  • The Survival Mom, 65 Pieces of Survival Wisdom from the Great Depression
  • Disfunkshion Magazine, Get Inspired: How Yoga Boosts Creativity
  • AEIOU and Sometimes Why, A Merry Monster Christmas
  • The Spooky Vegan, Midnight Syndicate’s Gothic Christmas Songs
  • The Spooky Vegan, 25 Ways People Earned Money During the Great Depression
  • The Crooked Crown, Dream Magic 101
  • Mountain Man Traditional Healing, Day 213: Finnish “Origins” and “Births”
  • Mountain Man Traditional Healing, Day 211: Cross-Cultural Meteria Medica
  • The Walrus Room, How | Dry Flowers
  • Sarah Petruno Shamanism, What Do Soul Fragments Look Like?
  • Yoga International, Simple Self-Care Rituals to Uplift Your Mind, Body, and Spirit This Winter
  • The Spirit Science, A List of the Different Kinds of Meditation Techniques
  • The Lingerie Addict, The Problem with How Lingerie Brands Sell High Waisted Panties to Plus Sizes
  • The Spooky Vegan, Ugly Creepmas Sweaters for the Wicked

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