Style Notebook // NuGoth

Since it’s such a young subgroup, what NuGoth is exactly has been heavily debated for the past year or so. The most debated part of the subgroup is whether or not it can even be classified as goth. The primary argument against it is that there initially wasn’t a category of goth music to go along with the fashion. Not long after the style made an appearance, so did the musical style witch house and the two came together, legitimizing (for some) the fashion. Personally, the requirement of each gothic fashion subgroup pairing neatly with a subsequent music genre is pedantic and unnecessary (but, that tangent is best left for another post).

The identifying markers of NuGoth will change according to who you talk to, but the general consensus seems to be that NuGoth is a more casual and minimal approach to gothic fashion. Moving away from the heavy makeup and large hair that is TradGoth and cyber goth, NuGoth utilizes a more “natural” look (at least in comparison) with smokey eyes, dark lipstick, and simple hair styles in a wide range of colors from black to natural red to white to pastel colors. Sometimes referred to as “hipster goth”, the style is focused on wide brim hats, oversized sweaters, and creepers. Simple dresses and skirts are also a big part of the look. Simplicity is the key to NuGoth. It relies on small details and an overall atmosphere rather than a larger than life look. It’s more Morticia Addams than Siouxie Sioux.

– Minimalism (aka casual)
– Occultism
– Religious Iconography
– 90s alternative culture
– The Addams Family
– “Witch” aesthetic

Jewel Tones
– Burgundy
– Deep Blue











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