Style Notebook // Purple Hair

I think purple is my absolute favorite alternative hair color. I’ve been wanting my own purple locks for a few good years now, so I’ve been amassing some inspiration for quite sometime now. I’ve already promised myself that once I lose my first 15 lbs (and keep it off for at least two weeks) I get to dye my hair purple. I really want something dark enough that it’s more purple-black than true purple. I had it that color once when I was still working an office job and it was dark enough that no one really noticed unless I was outside or they were really looking, but 1) it was a crappy brand and 2) I put it in over a red that refused to come out, so the purple all came out within a week or two. Which was sad, but that’s what hair dye is for right?

Anyways, here’s a collection of some of my favorite purple hair inspiration.







Also, here are some extra alternative hair color care articles:

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  • I really tried to find original sources for all of these, but, my god, does no one care about citing sources?! It’s insane how big name sites (like huffpost and buzzfeed) don’t cite their images. And, no, tumblr, iheartit, and pinterest are not sources. I linked where I could, but if you see any that are unlinked that you know the source of, please let me know so I can add them.

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